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My little Hana Safiyya’s birth story.

It was the 2nd of September, I was at school ; tired, hungry and fat, waiting for my water to splash out of my vajajay so that I could get this over with. It is true, the first two trimesters went by like lighting, SO FAST and then came the final three months which felt like three freaking years. I was getting even more tired, climbing to the third floor was hard work and I kept on munching on loads and loads of chocolates. My due date was on the 20th of Sept. The doctor told me that the baby MIGHT come out earlier, like two or three weeks earlier and I was thrilled.  Continue reading “My little Hana Safiyya’s birth story.”

Pregnancy woes.

Hello, it has been quite a while and I have a billion things to update you with. Let’s start shall we?

  1. I’m 39 weeks pregnant today.
  2. I’m working as an English teacher at a secondary school in Kedah.
  3. I’m still doing my PhD and still suck at it.
  4. Getting how should I say…… plumper?

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Book Review : Harry Potter and The Cursed Child

** spoiler alert ** I really do not understand why most readers hated this book, I thought it was great!

I love that the characters have evolved and that the story line was still so far more interesting than what I expected. Of course I would love if Vodelmort made an appearance but her daughter was good enough. Because the book was written based on the script of a play, I kept on imagining how it would be for them to exert magic on stage! That would be amazing.

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First Conference : MICOLLAC 16′

I’ve always had this scared feeling of talking in front of a large crowd. When I was growing up, that was my biggest fear. I was always known as the quiet one who barely speaks, and had no friends (ok,exaggeration) but yeah, I was afraid because I never had that kind of confidence to speak, and also because I was afraid I would be judged because of my bad grammar or something ; mistakes that can’t be taken back. But my time in USM has changed me so much in terms of confidence, my thinking skills and also accepting the fact that we all make mistakes sometimes (and nothing beats practicing).

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Flightless – Chapter 6 (Final Chapter)

Capter 6

Je Ne Suis Pas Gay

“Do you really need to get involve with everyone babe?” Alisa asked as she sipped her cup of hot cocoa coffee.

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Flightless – Chapter 5

Chapter 5

 Like Father, Like Son

I wasn’t pleased at all and I guess everyone could tell through my expression today. I had to fake a smile under my 3-inch makeup and that was of course easy peasy—it wasn’t the first time I had to wear a mask. Continue reading “Flightless – Chapter 5”

Flightless – Chapter 4

Chapter 4


It was quiet. No one was here-only me and Malik in this section. The plane was really empty— only half of the seats were occupied. The ones here at the back are empty. I guess it’s safe to rest here. I took off my niqab and placed Malik on the chair beside me. I cant even look at him without feeling ashamed of myself.

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Flightless – Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Unsettling Love

The boy was adorable despite his eyes looking tired and restless. I assumed he was ill due to the baldness of his veiny head. It was almost too obvious to see a wide sewn scar on the back of his neck.

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Flightless – Chapter 2

Chapter 2
Too Young  To Die

I wanted to take off my blue cap but mom said I shouldn’t— she said I would get cold. I’m almost 10, I think I’m old enough to make my own decisions. Mom was now talking to the chubby brunette hair lady. The stewardess I think but she was really big, I stared at her belly when mom talked to her and when she laughs, her belly jiggle like a big jello. I heard what mom was talking about— me, what else. Continue reading “Flightless – Chapter 2”

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